A painting with no title

While looking through some of my old artwork, I found one of my first watercolor paintings! I’m quite proud of it, actually, as it took me a long time to finish. I thought I’d upload it here for you to see, perhaps to show my progress or something.

Flower, Horse, Shell

I think I did this one or two years ago. The date was on the bottom-right corner but it’s cut off in this photo and the original is not with me right now.

The thing is, I can’t come up with an apt title for this piece. It’s kinda still-life, but it kinda isn’t… If you have any ideas, please comment below!



2 thoughts on “A painting with no title

  1. I like the soft colors and how the flower is brighter than the rest of the illustration. For that I sense that it is the center piece or at least that what draws my attention to the illustration. I is beautiful I think.

  2. Thank you so much! This was originally supposed to be the background for a clay animation. The animation was going to be slightly mysterious and ethereal, so that’s why I painted it with light colors. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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