Green Pumpkins

After buying pastels, I remembered that the only time I’d used them was for a quick sketch of an imaginary (and almost unidentifiable) field of flowers. I thought it was time to use them for a ‘real’ sketch.

My comfort zone seems to lie in natural objects so I decided to draw a fruit or vegetable. There was only this pumpkin in the kitchen so I managed to steal it before my mom ate it. And, here it is:


I really like pastels! It’s like charcoal, but with color! I did this piece in several layers using fixative and it gives a nice noise effect, like on Photoshop. This also coincides with IF’s theme: Natural. I have a lot of natural pieces but I’ll just upload the most recent. Too bad I can’t upload multiple entries; I would have liked to share my GCSE work.

I would love to hear some pastel tips from you masters. 🙂 Please comment below!



2 thoughts on “Green Pumpkins

  1. Hello! Unfortunately no pastel tips… I need to try them though! But I love your pumpkin, and the description of pastels “it’s like charcoal, but with color!”. Cheers!

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