Hopes on Fire

A couple days ago, I decided to experiment with the default brushes in Illustrator. I especially liked the ‘Mop’ and ‘Charcoal’ brushes so it seemed a waste to not use them after I’d discovered them. So, when I put those brushes together with an fantasized image in my head that I’d been wanting to draw for some time, I got this:


For this drawing, I found it hard to get the proportions and stance right. Therefore, I drew a ‘skeleton’ first and then overlaid it with a rough sketch in a different layer, both of which I eventually erased. Here’s how it looked like:


I’m not very happy with the background. I tried drawing sketches of sceneries with different opacities and brushes but it looked squiggly so I kept the background plain… for now. Any suggestions on how to make the background more interesting?



About The Empty Notebook

I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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