Christmas already?!

It is once again December, the time of jingle bells, frosted trees and presents! No, not presents (saying it blatantly means I’m greedy: I must say it subtly like everyone else), more a celebration of the thanksgiving of the birth of Christ and a time to spend with friends and family. Especially family. I’ve started making decorations with my mom and the house is filled with nutcrackers, santa dolls and red and green decorations. Christmas songs on an old record are playing all day. It is a time of happiness and cheer. If only the tiniest snowflake would land on my windowsill and melt away… how I would be happy. But until the time comes that global warming makes it possible for it to snow on the equator, I shall have to content myself with painting the windows white. It might not wash off but, well, that’s a bridge I’ll cross later, right? Right? All right then! Time to go holiday shopping!

And here are the wonderful decorations (some made, some bought):


P.S. Will add pictures of decorations later. When it is all done, of course.


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