Happy Chinese New Year

Once again, it’s Chinese New Year! Hurray! Another holiday to play with! I don’t celebrate it traditionally but I do play some games with my family, just to get the holiday feel. It’s a nice time to spend some time with each other.

There’s one game called Yut-Noli (윷놀이) that is traditional and it is one that I always play on Chinese New Year. There’s this simple board with spaces that are arranged in a box-like shape with an X mark in the middle. Like this:

Instead of a dice, there are these 4 sticks that are curved on one side. The curved side is marked. Here’s a picture:

Then you throw the sticks. For every blank/unmarked (flat) side you see, you move one space. If they are all marked, then you move 4 spaces and you get to throw the sticks one more time. But if they are all unmarked, you move 5 spaces and get to throw it once more! If you land on a corner on the board, you can take the shortcut. To win, you have to move all of your pieces to the finish line.

What do you do on Chinese New Year?



2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year

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