Valentines Day

Love is in the sweet-smelling air,
Chocolates are bought everywhere.
Girls love boys, boys love girls,
Shops are decorated with hearts and swirls.

K the Poet

Valentines day is a time for love. It is when couples meet and confess their feelings. For some, it is a day for preparation and it is exciting. For others, you already know that the ‘special someone’ is doing something for you and you can’t wait to find out. And, for those loners, it is a time to lock yourself in your room and eat junk food all day, thinking about what it would be like to marry Tom Cruise. Yet for some, those ignorant ones, they don’t care. They just go on with their daily life. They are the envy of those that don’t have sweethearts.

What kind are you?


About The Empty Notebook

I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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