Hi, girlz! Wow! Looks like I haven’t posted in a long time. Missed me? 😀

Anyway, you know how in middle school you have to take up an extra language? Well, I’m kinda stuck on which one to take. I would have taken Latin if it was an option but, unfortunately, it isn’t. I like Latin ’cause it used to be called “Scholars Language” so all the smart people definitely  knew it. Also, it is the original route of English.
Oh! I forgot! I would also choose Japanese! I watch a lot of anime 🙂 so I would like to learn the language. Furthermore, when I hear it on TV it sounds kinda cute. 😀

What would you choose? 


About The Empty Notebook

I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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2 Responses to Languages

  1. Fudge Brownie says:

    HI K!
    It’s me, Soph – with my new nickname given to me by my old friend!!! – Fudge Brownie.
    Anyway, you know we DO learn Latin as well as French and another language.
    i chose chinese and spanish


  2. ksister says:

    We learn Latin!!! Woohoo! But wait, that wasn’t on the list, right? Anyway, I will DEFINITELY choose Latin.
    Do you have any other languages you would like to learn?


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