New things coming up soon!

Well, you know that some time ago I talked about my dog, Daisy? If you haven’t, here’s her description: She’s cute, huggable, squeezable, lovable, and all the cute descriptions you can think of 🙂 Now you know the description! For a while now, I have been meaning to upload a picture of her so… Finally, here’s a picture of her!

(Also, I’m trying to change the background. Look out for it!)



About The Empty Notebook

I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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6 Responses to New things coming up soon!

  1. Betty Baker says:

    Your dog is so cute! When I get cats when I’m older, I may get three depending on what my Mom, Dad and friends say. One blue-eyed white Persian kitten (they’re all gonna be kittens anyway when I first get them, I’ll tell you why soon). A seal-point bicolour Ragdoll, and a pedigree Birman kitten. I’ll have to get them from private pedigree-quality breeders though, and it’s takes a lot to manage to track them down!!
    I’ll introduce the three cats when they’re kittens, as if they are instroduced when younger they will grow a stronger bond more easily and grow up together like siblings – but I don’t want them to give birth! I’ll probably have either all girls or all boys, (probably girls) and they’ll be neutered (meaning they can’t have kittens). It actually makes the cat healthier!!

    Double B, xxx

  2. ksister says:

    Glad you like my Daisy-Waisy!
    Wow! Looks like you have a lot of plans coming up on your way! They must be adorable!
    Have fun with your to-be kittens!


  3. J-Lee says:

    My mum won’t let me have any pets at all! It is sooo annoying! We once had pet fish, but she accidentally killed them by putting hot water instead of cold water in the fish bowl! 😦 Oh well…. Fish aren’t really the greatest pet anyways, you can’t stroke them or cuddle them like you can do to dogs! Dogs are my favourite animals, alongside Dolphins, Monkeys (this I don;t really know why, people say I am quite alike, what do you think? Hm…!) and Pengiuns. Have you ever been to Underwater world in Sentosa? Well if you haven’t, you should!There is a Dolphin show there, but not just ordinary Dolphins, PINK! I KNOW! I wonder how they get like that! Anyway, my mum was about to let me go swimming with the Dolphins for my birthday, my 10th birthday! So I guess we never really got round to booking it or anything! Wow! That really got off track, no wonder Miss. Wilcox always tells us off about waffling on in English! Oh no!! I’m doing it again!!!!

  4. ksister says:

    You don’t have any pets? At all? Not even a fish anymore? Oh well… Wait! How about getting a virtual one? You know, the ones on the computer!
    Wow, you have a lot of favorite animals including… monkeys? I also wonder why they say you are like a monkey. Is it an insult?
    I know why the some dolphins are pink! They are pink when they are young and become grey when they are older (or is it the opposite?)

    Hope you get a pet soon, J-Lee!

  5. J-Lee says:

    Nope! You can get virtal ones? How?? Cool!Really? I never knew that!

  6. ksister says:

    You know like: Sims pets 2, American girls, yadiyadiya… 😛
    Here’s one website you can go on. It is:
    And then you go on Magazine activities and then net pets (or something like that)


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