Girl Boy relationships

So, I have been getting a lot of comment about ‘whether he likes me or not’ things. Here is how I think you can know for sure whether he likes you or not.
If you say ‘Hi’ casually and he says ‘Hi’ back, he knows you exist. If he doesn’t than it means he wants to ignore you. NOT WORTH IT!
Don’t feel bad if relationships don’t work out. Try to still be friends.

Hope you like this advice!


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I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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15 Responses to Girl Boy relationships

  1. J-Lee says:

    That’s great advice K, even though I am not having trouble!

  2. ksister says:

    Why, thank you, J-Lee!


  3. J-Lee says:

    Are you going to have another week where we vote for our favourite subject?

  4. ksister says:

    I was thinking about doing a poll about something else. Or a poll about what poll we should do!


  5. J-Lee says:

    Kool! A poll about a poll, with the poll, have a poll, some many ‘polls’ used in that sentence!

  6. Betty Baker says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Does your boyfriend ignore you because you don’t have the looks and she does? Or does he cheat behind your back? One way to know if he’s cheating and how to bust him: look at his eyes, eyes have a lot of quality and you can never hide anything from peeking out in the ‘window of your soul’. Ask him about things and see if he responds cheerfully and seems genuinely interested when you strike up a conversation, and not just look away and sigh with boredom. Think he’s hanging out again with that girl? Stalk him when you feel that it’s the right time and when you know that he goes out to see ‘her’. You need evidence on digital camera video, so don’t be afraid to roll the clip and show him what’s hot and what’s not!

    Double B, xxx

  7. katie says:

    ARRGHHHH. He used to like me a little bit but then a new girl called Loralie-Jayduse (pronounced LORE-AH-LIE JAY-DUS) came, he really really liked her! And the worst part is she’s my best friend and now i’m wishing that she never came!!!!! Then she got ill and he started getting closer 2 me again and i was hoping he would ask me to the school disco, then i found out that secretly he was going to her house everyday with bunches of poppies (they’re loralie-jayduse’s favourite flowers) and asking if she wanted to be his girlfriend! now they’re together and they’re dancing at the school disco then going on a movie date!!! what can i do! i like him but she’s my best friend!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  8. Betty Baker says:

    Sounds like you’ve got it rough! Loralie-Jayduse is really your best friend and means well to you, of course she has no clue you like him and it would actually be better to keep it that way then to cause a lot of heartbreak. You’re still young and it’s not like you’re going to grow up to marry him or anything ridiculous like that! Let him go, I did the same with my old boyfriend and we split but still maintained a strong friendship. If there’s something you really love to do then maybe it can take your mind off the problem. For instance, I love baking and studying cats, so to cool off I read thick cat encyclopedias while munching on some of those mouth-watering cream-filled specials of cookies that I baked earlier! Yum! Hope it helps,

    Double B, xxx

  9. Katie says:

    loralie-jayduse is my bff but my crush loves her. arghhhhH!!!! what can i do???

  10. Betty Baker says:

    Maybe doing things you love to do will help take your mind off the consequences. I used to have a boyfriend that I liked, and he bought me brownies and gave me hugs but we split soon after and I coped with that by visiting my helper’s friend’s three beautiful black cats (I love cats) and baking cookies with my Mom. It was great bonding-time between me and my mom and me and cats, and I learnt a lot of new things.
    Try it and see!

    Double B, xxx

  11. Betty Baker says:

    Ksister, Jamie
    There was another girl called katie who commented saying her crush liked her BFF so I was just replying to her – but if you can’t see her comment that’s ok, she deleted it somehow soon after I think, because it disappeared right in front of me too!

    Double B, xxx

  12. J-Lee says:

    Betty Baker…I know you!

  13. J-Lee says:

    Poor u!

  14. ksister says:

    Dear Katie,
    That’s a real dilema you got there. Lose a friend, keep a boyfriend, or lose a boyfriend and keep your BFF.
    In my opinion, I think you should just keep your friend and ditch the stranger-you-barely-know. There are billions of boys that could possibly be THE ONE and only one BFF. Just forget about him (though I know it’s hard). After all, HE’S JUST A BOY!!!!!!!!

    Hope this helps!

  15. ksister says:

    Sorry, I think there are a few technical difficulties because I couldn’t log on to this blog for a whole week!


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