The tally

Hello! Well, remember the poll we did about topics? Well we have an obvious winner, it’s ‘Boy, girl relationships’! For the whole of next week I will be writing about this only!

Have fun!


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I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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16 Responses to The tally

  1. Soph says:

    OK, so seeing its all about BOYS and girls then i have NEWZ.
    Harry dumped Sapna over text.
    People say that he is a casanova, and can sometimes be a mean boy. Like boys that are gangsters and can hurt ur feelings. here’s advice:
    it might be cool to crush on that rebel in your class, but normal boys are more likely to send you cute texts rather than dumping you over one.

  2. J-Lee says:

    How mean! And he did it on Valentines day aswell!

  3. ksister says:

    I totally agree Soph!


  4. ksister says:

    What a heart breaker! Girlz should never have to endure such painful things! He is now a girlz official public enemy! By the way, how did they go out?


  5. J-Lee says:

    Oh, they go to see ‘movies’ which is probably walking around the payground at breaktime!!

  6. Confused-Battleground says:

    I am stuck in the middle of a love problem so if I try to get deeper it might not work out and if I try to get out I may never get back in.
    I like this boy a lot but I’m not sure if he likes me.
    What signs should I look out for?
    Also, he’s fine talking to me in front of geeky people because he knows he’s cooler than them but in front of his real friends (that are popular like him) he’s a little nervous because his friends actually tease each other over love problems.
    So again I ask: what signs should I look out for?
    from: confused-battleground

  7. Soph says:

    Soph’s Super Special Advice No.1 to choosing the correct boy:

    The right guy for you can come at any age, but it’s better to think between the lines of 9+ because any younger can make the whole process of crushing a lot more confusing than if you were older. Remember, the right guy has to live up to your expectations – never drop them just for him. Like I know my friend says her dream guy has to be utterly romantic, all around the love-circle of flowers and boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s day. I like the adventurous, loyal type. Ones that will easily go wakeboarding or water skiing with you, but buy you a chocolate ice cream afterwards.
    So remember – expectations should never drop or never get dramatically high!

  8. Soph says:

    what are your expectations for boys?

  9. Soph says:

    i am sending this message from an internet connected phone! The screen is a lot smaller though!

  10. ksister says:

    Dear Confused Battleground,
    If he can’t talk to you in front of his friends that means he’s not worth it. If he really did like you than he would be himself around ANYBODY.
    I suggest getting out of a game where the other person doesn’t play.


  11. ksister says:


  12. Confused-Battleground says:

    He’s not like that really, I know because when I first really met him he was truthful and wasn’t afraid to be my friend. We were both really determined not to budge and by doing that we became friends, but he says he doesn’t want a serious relationship and just wants to be friends. I know he’s lying though because he’s too scared to try, but if I make the first move what will happen and just how hurtful will the rumours be?

  13. Shanna3489 says:

    Hi Girlz I really DESPERATELY need help in a Private family mattr.
    My Parentz are like totally annoyed with ME beCuZ they think I am 2 spoiled and THEY are ReaLly angry and they’re THreatening 2 send me to a StricT boarding school.
    They SomEtimes make me CrY really badly and I don’t KNow what 2do. I waNna run-away BuT I am 2 sc-a-r-e-d 2 try.
    They Do Not hurt me Physically but It’s Mostly MY DAD that is the scariest, and Most THREATENING.
    what 2do?

    4rom Shanna, KISS KISS xx

  14. J-Lee says:

    So have you talked to him already? Try talking to him about relationshipp-ing again. Thats my advice

  15. Confused-Battleground says:

    Before any of that I want to know more about him. What’s his favourite food? Colour? Movie? Book? Sport? Hobby?
    I already know that…
    he prefers dogs to cats
    he has to cook at home and he’s actually really good at it
    he plays the electric guitar and needs to learn Gsharp over Fmajor
    he thinks my friend likes him even though he doesnt’ like her…
    and he’s right.

  16. ksister says:

    Dear Shanna3489,
    Do not try to run away! Running away from your problems only leads to more trouble and, lets face it, means you’re a coward.
    Instead, think. Are you really spoiled? Think about what spoiled children would do and honestly think if you did any of those things. Etc: ALWAYS having to go your own way, not thinking about other people, being totally self-centered, having to get whatever you want, making other people’s things your own.
    If you really did any of those things, try to fix your attitude. Than you won’t be spoiled anymore!


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