REALLY over the top

Hello! K again!
Well, you know how I said how we were really popular with 24 views a while ago? Guess how many views we had on Jan. 28th?! Drumroll please….
Yes! Close to a 100! At this point you should tell all your friends and celebrate! Dance to some music, watch some movies, eat junk food! Let’s try to get 100 views!

I’m pumped up! Hope you are too!


About The Empty Notebook

I'm a hopeful illustrator who wishes to change the world through art. I suppose, though, that I'll have to start simple - one sketch at a time.
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3 Responses to REALLY over the top

  1. J-Lee says:

    Was it 75 views on one day????

  2. ksister says:

    Yep! Isn’t that great!


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