The Hourglass (Work in Progress)

For Art summer homework, we were asked to choose an article from a newspaper and think about how we would translate this information into artwork. Well, this article inspired me so much that I did more than think; I drew. I haven’t finished it yet but thought I’d give you a little sneak peek:

Hourglass Painting

It’s also my first “real” try at acrylic paint. Now that I’m really learning how to use it (i.e. not watering it down so much that it looks like watercolor), I think it’s my new favorite medium!


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The Lonely King

So, now that unpacking is over (which was a hard and dusty process, believe me), I can finally use my Wacom tablet! I’ve missed you, my precious, over the seven long, hard months with using the mouse. My friend HPE24 (you can see her portfolio on this link) is a master of digital drawing, and so I was inspired by her to draw – drumroll, please – only using the tablet! No sketches, no underdrawing, nothing. Only my tablet and Photoshop. Here’s how it turned out!

Blue Man


I have no idea why I came up with this drawing. Somehow, I just had this image of a wineglass fixed in my head…

And I know he has no crown, but I think he kind of relates to this week’s IF theme: King. What a lonely king of the world.


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Thanks to my amazing cousin, I have finally learned how to use the pen tool in Illustrator. It’s strange, I know, that in all my years of using Illustrator, I’ve never once used the pen tool! But now that I know how to use it, I absolutely love it. I tried a few random curves and came up with the inspiration to do this. It also matches with the IF theme: Repeat.

Pen Characters



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First Oil Painting – Still Life

I have finished my first oil painting ever! It’s the first time I’ve done the whole process, from the arranging of the still life to the final touches, all by myself. I am quite proud! And so, here is my final first oil painting!

Still Life

Of course, I still have to learn loads (like how to draw drapes more realistically and how to make white objects look white without using white) but I think it turned out quite well.

On another note, I am leaving the U.S. in nine days (how sad it is…) so I may not have time to draw/upload anything for the mean time. I have finished that landscape I posted last time but I believe the camera has been packed. I’ll try to do some computer work, though.

So please do tell me, what do you think of this painting? And do you have any tips for a beginner?


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First Landscape Oil Painting (Work in Progress)

Today, I just finished my first landscape painting ever! And it’s my second oil painting! I went to the park to do it, so it’s kind of alla prima (but not quite). I admire those master artists who can finish it in one sitting. So, here it is:

First Landscape

I did the rocks with a palette knife, which was fun to do. I like the texture. It still needs a bit of work, but I wanted to show it to you :)

Oil is so fun!


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Oil Paints!!!

Amazing news alert: my wonderful aunt just gave me an almost unused set of oil paints! Along with some beautiful brushes and tins! This is my first set of oil paints ever and they work so well! I am amazed… It is so good that I must show you:

Oil paints!

Brushes, thinner, cans

And I was so excited that I tried painting this as soon as it arrived:

First try

It was my first time actually setting up a composition:

No one is allowed to touch!

No one is allowed to touch!

Oh my goodness I am so happy and hyper and *cries tears of joy*. Please excuse my girly grammar.


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Cornell Clock Tower – Pen Sketch

After wonderful encouragement from fellow bloggers, I’ve finally finished my first ever pen sketch. It turned out much better than I thought it would be. So before I continue with this post, I’d like to thank judywatson, delacybrown, and all others for giving me great advice and warm encouragement. Thank you!

The hatching is still slightly messy, but I love the overall effect of the pen. It’s just so… cool! And here it is:


And some previous sketching in preparation:


I’m so happy to have finally done a pen sketch! The picture is from this Wikipedia page.

And thanks once again to all of you who have given me tips and encouragement. I couldn’t have done this without you!


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